Ivor Wyne was rocking and so were the Tiger Cats with a 37-32 win over Toronto to move to 4-3 on the year while the Toronto Argonauts just cant get anything going and they stay stuck in the eastern basement at 1-6, I hope they found something good to read down there.


To Toronto's credit this was a back and forth game and they even got on the board first with a Cleo Lemon TD pass to Brandon Rideau but Kevin Glenn came back and threw a TD pass of his own to Dave Stala. WR Chad Owens was also a threat that Cleo Lemon went to as he had 4 catches for 45 yards but he did not see the end zone at all be it the kick/punt return or TD catch. After both clubs went back and forth in the scoring with it 18-17 for Toronto before halftime, Hamilton's Justin Meadlock was able to nail a 49 yard field goal to head to the locker room with a 20-18 lead as he showed once again that he is the best kicker in the eastern division of the CFL. Midway through the 3rd quarter WR Marcus Thigpen had an incredible punt return for the Tiger-Cats which put them at the Toronto 15 yard line which set up backup QB Quinton Porter's run for the TD put the Argos didn't roll over and play dead with the score 27-18. Running back Cory Boyd ran for a TD off a excellent drive led by the Argos back up Dalton Bell who was in the game due to Cleo Lemon having cramps and before your Aunt Patty knew it was just a 27-25 lead for Hamilton.


When Cleo Lemon re-entered the game in the 4th , Toronto took the lead with a huge 69 yard TD pass to Rideau but guess what? The scoring wasn't done. Kevin Glenn found Chris Williams deep down field and so wide open for so long he was able to clip his fingernails and have a cup of tea before Glenn hit him inside the Argos 10 yard line. The Avon man as Mike calls him Avon Cobourne finished off the drive with a TD run of his own and after the game he sold 15 Avon night time anti aging creams to some fans. With the score 37-32 Hamilton, Lemon took his boys down the field for one final drive but it was not meant to be as Rideau fumbled just past the Argos 20 yard line after catching a pass and it was knocked out of bounds by Hamilton to give them back the ball and the game.


I'm sure for Toronto fans this season is already too long but this is the CFL and anything is possible, but right now the race in the east is between Winnipeg, Montreal and Hamilton.


Hamilton plays again on August 26th vs the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg and Toronto heads back home to take on Saskatchewan on August 18th.


That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out!