It was ugly.  Montreal took down the Esks with a 27-4 win last night in a game that was complete domination. Ricky Ray led the club with 1 rushing yard on one carry.  Yes you read that right, 1 yard. 
The D tonight was ok but wasn't enough to stop the surgical precision of Anthony Calvillo and company as AC tonight was able to reach the 400 TD mark which makes him the 15th professional football to reach that mark (yes I am including the Arena Football League Qbs in this list as well to be truly accurate). The Esks mainly stuck with Messam and McCarty tonight in the backfield but there was no Daniel Porter sighting for some reason. The Esks o line once again didn't do Ricky Ray any favors as he was sacked many times tonight but he was at least able to hook up with Jason Barnes a few times, Barnes had 6 catches for 128 yards.  The only guy who put up points on the board tonight for Edmonton? Damon Duval, who had a field goal and a single on a punt. Kavis Reed was not a happy man on the sidelines tonight. 

The Als showed that they have worked out the kinks as Calvillio hooked up with SJ Green, Jamel Richardson, Bryan Bratton and company all night long.  Its going to be a dog fight between Winnipeg and Montreal all year long in the Eastern division. Calvillio finished the game 19-33 with 2 TD passes and as for Ricky Ray he finished 21-32 incredible considering he was sacked 4 times in the 1st quarter.  Edmonton plays again on August 19th vs BC back at Commonwealth and Montreal takes on Calgary in Calgary on August 27th. That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out!