Were back!!!

That's right folks the 2012 CFL season is just weeks away as rookie training camps open up for the teams and I was at the first dat of Eskimos rookie camp...here's some of my thoughts on the first day...

-Junior players from the Edmonton Huskies and Wildcats of the CJFL were invited to training camp and looked pretty good at Clarke Park, U of Alberta QB Curtis Dell was the standout among them and could possibly have a future in the CFL possibly leading the future of Canadian quarterbacks.

-The vetern QBs threw a bit in the camp but Kerry Joseph did more coaching and playing defensive back, could be a look into the future as I could see him one day becoming an offensive co-ordinator.

-Brett Haenini a fullback out of Acadia looked good catching the ball out of the backfield, could be Mathieu Bertrand's replacement when he decides to hang em up.

-Matt Nichols and Jeremiah Masoli had some of the best day 1 performances, these two I do think if they have a solid training camp have the ability make leaps and bounds on the QB depth chart.

-Eric Ward and Nichols wore cameras on their helmets a new feature that Kavis Reed wanted last year but was unable to do, it's purpose? To be able to see what the gunslinger sees to get a better understanding of his quarterbacks. 

-There were more cameras than usual around camp today stay tuned for what that could be about....

Here's some audio from Day 1

Media scrum with Kavis Reed


Interview with Curtis Dell


Interview with Jeremiah Masoli


Media scrum with Kerry Joseph


That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out follow me on twitter @Avry .