Yo folks whats up, Avry here and this morning I was at day 2 of the 3 day Edmonton Eskimos rookie camp, and I'd figure hey, why not share what I saw in the form of a fresh article? I heard they are the bees knees.

I was really impressed today by WR Nathan Coehoorn out of the University of Calgary. He hasn't even played a down of pro ball yet and already his routes are crisp and clean.

QBs Marc Mueller and Cody Kirby were impressing many today with their passing hopefully theres more of that on day 3. 

Matt Nichols definitely showed why his arm is being compared to Matt Dunnigan's as one of the strongest to have played for Edmonton, but he did result in him over throwing a few receivers in drills, tomorrow should be much different for Matt who has a cannon combined with a bazooka for an arm.

Check out my interviews from day 2 of the camp and I will bring back more audio goodies from the final day of Eskimos rookie camp. 

My interview with Esks running back Daniel Porter who's still considered a rookie even though he played some regular season games in 2010, hear his comments on it.


Interview with Marc Mueller.


Media scrum with head coach Kavis Reed.


More to come on Friday!