Well, the final day of the 3 day Edmonton Eskimo rookie camp was interesting. Team leader and starting QB Ricky Ray showed up for the final day and was throwing balls the entire time. He was really connecting with Nate Coehoorn, a combo I hope we hear Chris Cuthburt screaming about on the TV a lot this season. Esks supplemental draft pick defensive end Ted Laurent was at practice today but did not take part in the practice due to having to take a physical first; he will be in the main camp on Sunday.

Matt Nichols looked great today, even in the rain his throws were on the money. So far all looks good in Eskimo Land, hopefully I’ll be able to make it out to the main training camp.

 Here’s some audio from day 3.

 Interview with Ricky Ray.


 Media scrum with Ted Laurent.


 Media scrum with 2nd overall pick in the 2011 CFL draft offensive lineman Scott Mitchell.


 Media scrum with head coach Kavis Reed.



Until next time, I’m Avry and I’m out!