I’m back fromVancouverfolks, had a blast at UFC 131 as per my last article, but this is an Esks update post so here we go again!


-Damon Duval looked good today in special teams drills where he was kicking on the run.


-Pascal Fils and Daniel Porter were making noise, Fils might move ahead on the depth chart ahead of Calvin McCarty if he keeps it up and Daniel Porter has all but cemented his spot as the #2 half back.


-Kerry Joseph did look a bit better today but I saw him throw an ugly, ugly ball towards Tyler Scott in double coverage that was picked off.


-Jason Barnes has been working his tail off, great hands in day 9 of camp.


- Offensive tackles Cliff Washburn and Jeremy Parquet were two guys that played well protecting Ricky but they still were not immune from the tongue lashing that Kavis gave the entire team at the end of practice!


  -Hugo Lopez was getting a hand on passes all day but Adarius Bowman burned him on a juggled ball that Bowman wound up regaining control of should have been knocked down by Lopez.

Here’s my interview with Jason Barnes



My interview with WR Nate Coehoorn



Afternoon post practice media scrum with head coach Kavis Reed



That’s all for now folks, I’m Avry and I’m out!