Yup its true, the Lions are missing their running game, anyone with information please call the Lions team offices and let owner David Braley and head coach/GM Wally Buono know as soon as possible. Travis Lulay leads the team in rushing with 58 yards on 8 rushing attempts, Jamal Robertson and Andrew Harris have 40 rushing yards.

In 3 games this team has 2 rushing touchdowns. In case you didn't know BC is 0-3. This is just shameful, when two of your running backs are being out rushed by your quarterback your club has serious issues. I will say this, the CFL is a passing league yes, but even that has serious issues with Lulay throwing 5 INTs already this season and a 52.8% completion percentage. The Lions could turn things around with their next two games being vs Hamilton and Winnipeg but in this league anything is possible and we could see an 0-5 Lions team.


Something needs to change in BC, Wally needs to wake up his troops or maybe they need to wake up themselves to get out of the West division basement because a team with 158 rushing yards total puts fear into no one else in the league. A guy that would have helped the Lions greatly had he not been traded by the club is Jerome Messam who is now tearing things up with the Eskimos (he's already had a 100 yard rushing game this season in Edmonton's 28-10 win over Hamilton) but there was some issues in BC, hence the trade to Edmonton for a 2013 fifth round pick in the CFL draft.


Lions fans are getting antsy, they saw this last year but were able to bounce back from a 1-7 start to finish at 8-10 and make the playoffs but how many times can you test your luck? If the Lions recover from this then they will be in good shape, if not well it may wind up being a long season in Vancouver.


That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out!