Once again a folk here’s a recap of another day of training camp in Etown.

 -Kerry Joseph I heard had a good morning practice but in the afternoon he was very, very average, bouncing throws to his receivers.

 -WR/Kick returner Ray Fisher with no sling on his right arm finally, did muff a Duval punt but I won’t get down on him too bad for that, he will find his groove.

 -Matt Nichols it looks like has finally found the perfect blend of arm strength and accuracy as he squeezed a ball though double coverage deep down field to find Tyler Scott and showed that he can be an escape artist by getting out of the pocket quickly after bad snaps, or with the blitz coming.

 -Another newly acquired QB Eric Ward (played earlier in the year with the Milwaukee Mustangs in the Arena Football League) didn’t show a ton of arm strength but plenty of accuracy.

 Here’s my interview with Damon Duval


 The media scrum with head coach Kavis Reed after another day of camp


 I’ll be in Vancouver from Friday until Sunday morning so I will be back at training camp next week! That’s all for now I’m Avry and I’m gone!