Pasquale Buono is in trouble. Yes his real name is Pasquale it's a pimp name. 

His BC Lions are off to their worst start since 1996 in the Western division basement at 0-5 and there's many things wrong with this club. Travis Lulay has played sub par, the running game is bad (as I wrote about before on cflinsider) their D is just ok, all of this struggling and the heat from fans, and the media will eventually get to the head coach, even the one with the most wins in league history. 

Buono has been with the Lions since the 2003 season and he has only one losing campaign as the head coach, that being last years when the club finished 8-10 but still made the playoffs. Buono has made the Lions one of the most consistent teams in the CFL but they are a lost ball club right now. David Braley, has said that he is behind his coach and General Manager but for how long? BC has a shot at getting a win vs the Roughriders on August 5th but the week after that they are taking on the best team in the East the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and if Buck Pierce is healthy then the Lions former starting QB could come back to haunt them in a big way. 

Help has been added to BC though in the form of signing DB Tad Kornegay who was released by Saskatchewan last week. A guy like Kornegay who I am sure would love to get a chance to beat his old club just a week after being released by them could be a key piece in turning the season around and saving his new coach's job. 

What if though, things in the West coast get worse? Who would replace Wally if he does get axed? The Lions for the short term could name their offensive co-coordinator Jacques Chapdelaine the new head coach and have a guy in Roy Shivers (whom is currently the director of player personnel for the Lions) go back to a role of GM which he knows well from years of experience in the early 2000s as being the Saskatchewan GM. If not Chapdelaine as head coach then I could see the Lions try and go for their former signal caller Dave Dickenson to come in and lead his old club. Dickenson, has a great football mind as the offensive co-coordinator of the Calgary Stampeders and the next clear step for him would be to become a head coach. 

Wally is on thin ice right now and he needs to get his team back on track before he falls through it.  

That's all for now I'm Avry and I'm out.